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"Landed the Craig Campbell gig. Got the audition through your site! Thanks the page and resource!"


"Just wanted to come on NGF and let everyone know that this page has been a godsend .

I just moved to town April 9th and I am very blessed to have gotten a lot of gigs from this page,

Ben once again thank so very much brother for creating such a wonderful thing for all us musicians.
I hope I have the pleasure of meeting you and hopefully playin' some gigs with you in the future."
-Mark Moore; NGF Member

"I'd like to thank Kevin Simonelic, Michael Pisculli, Scott Petersen (for not
being available) and Ben Probus for being the great visionary that he is.

I had two gigs cancel tonight earlier in the week. I was sitting home charting
and working on a different act's sets, when tonights sub work was presented
to me. Without NGF, I would have been sitting here at home  this evening.

Thank you to ALL!!!"

-Charlie Sanborn; NGF Member


NGF Founder:    Ben Probus

NGF Co-Founder:  Rocco Savilla

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